Innovation In Order To Survive

Organisations underestimate the value of developing innovative and leading edge ideas to ensure you are one step ahead of competitors to guarantee future success.  Diane Coolican, Managing Director of Redsky Learning, discusses the importance of generating quick and original solutions to tackle issues within your organisation.

Some of the biggest success stories in business over the last decade can be taken back to a creative idea – think Steve Jobs and the phenomenon that is Apple. Staying ahead of the competition is a relentless challenge, but the companies that succeed are invariably those that are constantly evolving and generating innovative and creative solutions to tackle issues within their company. This generation and flow of new ideas sets companies apart from the rest.

Many businesses shy away from issues and don’t tackle their challenges head on. The majority of businesses do not understand the entirety of the challenge they are faced with. Rather than spending time to investigate and assess the problem in order to generate a solution that solves it wholly, many will formulate a quick solution (the sticking plaster approach), which almost guarantees that the problem will reappear in the short term.

The ability to think creatively is fast becoming a necessity – indeed, more and more companies are calling for their teams to think like Corporate Entrepreneurs. Many organisations overlook the importance of creativity on wider business success and how creativity and commerciality combine to generate bottom line results.  If you are to lead the way and be considered the thought leaders of your industry, you need original, innovative ideas and products.

All teams will have the capability to be creative but this does not necessarily mean their talent and ability is being unlocked and harnessed effectively. It is essential that all employees are encouraged and learn techniques to develop innovative solutions to on-going challenges allowing them to pioneer new opportunities. Due to time restraints, many companies need a focussed training programme to stimulate ways of brainstorming and unlocking creative ideas.

Redsky has researched and developed a solution, Catch the Bug, which introduces processes and techniques for organisations to use to develop creativity within their teams. This process looks at the individual and assesses how they think and can best generate creative ideas, while providing teams with the confidence to explore and discuss their ideas openly within their workplace. Redsky encourages organisations to use these techniques to help tackle a reoccurring issue that they already face within their company, enabling them to see how this process can be used effectively from start to finish in delivering creative solutions.

Matt Hearnden, Operational Training at Tesco, said: “Catch the Bug is a great workshop, delivered by knowledgeable and engaging facilitators. We immediately saw a difference – from blue sky thinking, to sales, the programme had a real impact on the team.”

Organisations facing challenges in generating innovative and creative ideas can apply some simple techniques:

Look deeper into the issue to ensure the solution will tackle the wider challenge and not just provide a short term answer.

Change your usual environment and take yourself out of your everyday routine, this will help spark creative ideas.

Look at the issues that regularly reappear and assess the fundamental issue causing the problem. Can you re-structure your team or implement a different process to play to people’s strengths?

Look at how you would solve the challenge without time and budget restraints. By thinking radically, you can imagine a unique perspective and re-work this into a manageable solution.

Make sure you are encouraging your teams to think creatively and you provide an environment where they feel comfortable voicing their ideas.