The Redsky Telephone Coaching Programme

Having one to one professional coaching with Redsky has always been a key part of my career progression into senior management, and now the telephone coaching has provided a time efficient, convenient and highly effective way to receive continued expert support and guidance.

Here at Redsky our experience tells us that those individuals who also receive one to one professional coaching as part of their development, progress and achieve success for themselves and their organisations at a much quicker pace than those who do not.


However, we are also aware, that due to pressure of work it is not always easy to organise and commit to a face to face coaching session.

So Redsky are now delighted to offer our Telephone Coaching Programme, during which you will be coached by one of our many experienced executive coaches at a time to suit you with minimal disruption to your busy schedule.

The sessions will address current challenges identified by you and develop practical solutions which are relevant and business focused.  The impact on performance will be both immediate and ongoing.

This fantastic high value package, offers 6 telephone coaching sessions, each lasting 60 minutes, for just £1,600 plus VAT.

“I have found telephone coaching to be a high impact and effective way to reflect on my performance at work. The sessions are very focused and can be arranged at short notice to fit easily into my busy schedule. The coaching follows up previous discussions and actions, and also addresses urgent and emerging problems and challenges. Redsky coaches are insightful and knowledgeable and enable me to quickly assess the challenges I am facing, and show me how to tap into my strengths and adapt my style to resolve issues.”