Bespoke organisational programme

A six-month programme designed and delivered by women who have held or still work in senior roles. Women who attend this interactive and self-reflecting learning journey will develop and increase their skills and confidence as leaders, able to respond to difficult situations and maximise opportunities to share their point of view and leadership experiences in a learning environment that has direct relevance and personal impact.

The programme includes:

  • Welcome pack and pre-reading, self-assessment materials
  • 4 x one day workshops / webinars
  • 4 x one to one coaching sessions
  • 360 degree feedback report
  • Psychometric report
  • Online learning materials and reading
  • Live personalised development plan

Levy funded level 5 leadership qualification

An 18 month programme, designed using the Level 5 Operational Management standards, for women who aspire to or are currently working in senior management roles. the programme provides the skills to navigate challenging situations and culture, develop the skills and confidence to lead effectively and handle situations that are often invisible to others.

The programme includes:

  • 8 x one day workshops / webinars
  • Individual stretch coaching
  • Completion of professionally accredited qualification (CMI)
  • Chartered manager status

Programmes outcomes and successes

  • Create a pool of women who are ready for promotion
  • Develop an in-house network of mentors who can support future female talent
  • Challenge some of the cultural norms and invisible barriers

  • This course will give you knowledge and tools to aim high, achieve your goals and aspirations and be the very best version of yourself


  • It has been a delight to see how the cohort have developed as a direct result of this programme. It is clear from the enthusiasm they have shared with me, the feedback given during the programme, as well as experiencing first hand in the work place their increased confidence and professionalism that this has been a resounding success for them and the business.

    Marcus A

    Partnership Director