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The research tells us that women tend not to prioritise their own professional career development, often citing ‘lack of time’ as a common blocker.

Career Plans are as essential to our success in the workplace as any other business plan.
Like any plan it needs: goals, targets, dates, measures etc Like any other plan it provides focus, structure and direction.

When we focus on our career development we start spotting opportunities we otherwise may have missed. Creating and maintaining a career plan will help you to spot and search out opportunities to further your career.

“Women tend not to prioritise their own development”


During the Early Careers: Maximising your potential: A programme for women, we looked at the different stages of career planning:

  1. What are your career aspirations
  2. Understand where you are now
    • How you got here
    • Skills, talents, strengths
    • Most love/ most frustrating
  3. Know your options
  4. Set your goals and actions

Career planning requires a regular investment of time in order for reflection of where an individual is now and where they want to be. It requires a period of reflection time to have a good grasp of where an individual is now in their career and where they want to be.

95% of people who have a written career plan achieve it



Each individual on the programme reflected on each of the different stages of career planning. In most cases, promotion was the main goal mentioned, so we discussed steps towards the goal of promotion, working in alignment with the Savills promotion process.
What did they need to do to get there? Who did they need to speak to? What do they need to do more or and less of in order to reach their goal?

As part of the programme, each individual receives a 180 feedback report completed by their manager and close colleagues, this served as a useful way to better understand strengths and areas for development, as well as perception from self and others. In addition, we also looked at values, passion and skills as well as a personality profile to ensure we have as much insight as possible to build a robust, inspiring and action-oriented career plan.


3x delegates were put forward for promotion before the completion of the programme
Since the programme we have supported 3 women in being put forward for a promotion from the group. We are delighted to have been part of their career journey to this point.

“The course has empowered and inspired me and given me the courage to fulfil my career plan”


The programme runs for approx 5 months and covers the following 4 modules:

  1. Playing to strengths
  2. Confident communication
  3. Creating your career journey
  4. Building strong networks

Plus 121 coaching

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