Grow Your Own!

In this current challenging climate, recruiting talented individuals is increasingly exhausting, expensive, and fruitless. This is why it has never been a more crucial time to Grow Your Own Talent.


Identifying and developing internal talent has numerous benefits. We know that individuals that are promoted internally are more likely to stay with the organisation longer, and less likely to use it as a stepping stone to their next role. They are also quicker to get up and running, as they already know the culture, organisational priorities, the characters they need to influence, and the ways of getting things done!

More importantly, it is a lot less disruptive to grow your own! You are able to plan ahead efficiently for individuals in your organisation who may be moving on, retiring, or getting promoted. Having someone ready to step into the role, who has received support and development to gain the skills and knowledge from their own time in your company, usually over a period of time, gradually taking on more responsibilities while able to ask for and get clarification on knowledge gaps ensures less disruption to the workforce, teams, your clients, and end users.

Talent programmes can be designed for all levels in your organisation, starting with team leaders and first line managers through to Board level. Clear, fair, and accessible pathways are both motivational and aspirational. Not only do they provide talent ready for the next challenge, but they also retain employees who feel that opportunities for them to progress, exist.

Critical to developing your talent programme is understanding what skills, behaviours, and knowledge you need these individuals to gain, but don’t just think about the here and now, also include your future focus on how your organisation will look in 5+ years’ time. Emphasise on what skills will be required at this point, and what challenges and opportunities the leaders need to be handling. Equip them ahead of time! One criticism we often hear is that we need leaders to have broader industry experience, with a wider knowledge of the market and how other businesses do things. This can be built into your programmes quite easily, whether this be with placements, research, or simply visiting competitors or other organisations. You may be surprised how many businesses are up for this!

RedSky have 18+ years of working in partnership with our clients to research, design, and deliver high-impact leadership, management, and talent programmes, bespoke to the needs and cultural fit of your business. Not to mention a track record of achieving 34% of delegates who get promoted within 12-24 months of our programmes, and others that go on to achieve senior and board level roles in their organisation.

Our programmes develop the essential skills to lead teams and organisations, but more importantly develop self-confidence, Emotional Intelligence, drive, and ambition to make a real difference.

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Image source:  Pexels