Today's leaders and executives are increasingly asked to do more with less. Even the most experienced executives struggle sometimes, which is why Executive Coaching is becoming popular among business leaders who feel under pressure to maximise performance and stay competitive.

Executive Coaching is an efficient way to solve problems, bring new knowledge into a company, and invest in your key people at the same time. Our Executive Coaching services involve individual coaching sessions for your business's leaders and executives directly targeting the individual needs of your key staff.

No two Executive Coaching sessions are ever the same. This service is tailored exactly to your needs: you can choose your preferred coach from our range of skilled and qualified coaches and work with a coach that matches your experience and values, and we can either build upon the strategies you've learned in other programmes or support you with specific issues that you want to improve on.

Parental Returner Coaching




We also offer Parental Returner Coaching. This service works with the same tailored approach as the Executive Coaching, your will be given a list of qualified coaches to choose from, giving you the opportunity to pick the coach that best fits you.

Parental Leave Coaching is a series of face-to-face individual coaching sessions, which are delivered just before leave,  during leave and upon return to work. The intention is to support parents at these times and help companies stem attrition.

The cost to a company of a badly managed parental leave is not just financial, the loss of any staff represents a loss of investment, it also has an impact on diversity, culture, team knowledge, expertise and competence. In addition, offering support to parents, can ensure their return is smoother, their confidence maintained and their relationships with team and colleagues remain positive and productive.




To find out more about our Executive and/or Parental coaching sessions or to book your coach, contact us at Redsky Learning today and let us support your or your employee's professional development with one-on-one coaching that's just right.

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