Why Do Some People NOT Want To Be Leaders?

Becoming a leader within an organisation you love is a dream that many people have. Advancing your career and becoming trained in more areas can help you to develop and achieve. But not everyone wants to be a leader – and in this article, we take a look at why this might be.

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A Lack Of Work/Life Balance

Although everyone may have the opportunity to lead, leadership is not a job title – it is a behaviour that may require significant investment. Those who do not want to move into senior leadership roles often cite not wanting to lose their work/life balance. Making that much of a commitment to work sometimes means spending longer hours in the office, being constantly available, and not getting to spend as much quality time at home. While achieving at work is a priority to many people, work eating into your personal life might seem like too much of a sacrifice - something that
34% of people polled for a study cited as a reason for their disinterest in leadership roles.

Few Leadership Skills

Leadership skills and a knowledge of how to lead are not something that you are born with in most cases. Many employees just
don’t think that they have the required skills and education to pursue a leadership position, with 21% of people saying they don’t believe they have the correct academics and degree-level qualifications. 16% of people believe they don’t have the skill set - which means that these employees are not being trained effectively to be able to visualise themselves in these roles, leading to a leadership pipeline gap. This can make succession planning more challenging for businesses.

No Opportunities

Some employees may have a great interest in pursuing a leadership role, be ready to take on extra training and long hours… but find that they are not offered the chance to progress. Employees who aren’t given a clear indication of how they can advance in a company can believe they are not wanted and would never be given the chance to move into senior leadership. 14% of people believe that their business would never offer them leadership training or roles, which could lead to them becoming disengaged and moving on from their company.

While you may think that not everyone can be a leader, it can be helpful to re-align your vision of what a great leader truly is – and Redsky can provide the tools and training necessary to help you reach those leadership goals. Additionally, if there are members of your organisation who just need the right education, encouragement and opportunities, then Red Sky Learning might be able to help.

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