Many women make excellent leaders, but traditional management culture in the UK doesn't instill confidence even in women with natural leadership ability.

At Redsky Learning, we want to support executives and leaders to reach their full potential, no matter who they are. We create our Women in Leadership programmes to support women working in any level of leadership or management and help them to realise their full potential in an environment that is still largely dominated by men.

Our unique Women in Leadership programmes are designed by women, for women. They are programmes of self-reflection that can help women in leadership roles to gain confidence, develop relevant skills, and obtain the tools they need to handle the most difficult situations with ease. Thees courses are also an opportunity for women in leadership roles to network, share their experiences, and learn from other women working in similar environments. The programmes include:

• A welcome pack with pre-reading and self-assessment materials
• 4x one-day workshops or webinars
• 4x one-to-one coaching sessions
• A 360-degree feedback report
• Psychometric testing and report
• Access to online learning materials and reading


At Redsky Learning, we want workplaces across the UK to be better placed to work for everyone. Encouraging women to flourish in leadership roles is a sure way to create positive, inclusive environments where job satisfaction and confidence in leadership are just as prioritised as profits and performance.

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