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Diane Coolican – Founding Director

My mantra is why bother doing something unless you are going to invest your life and soul into it. I love anything new, challenging, interesting and relevant. I am energised by thinking on my feet and responding to what is going on in the world around me.

An avid reader, a love of live theatre, particularly hardcore stuff like Shakespeare and Chekov, I am also a compulsive “I must get fit soon” and gravitate to the latest fad but rarely for long! In my spare time I like to renovate houses!

I am incredibly nosey and love to get under the skin of businesses, what makes them tick and what stops them ticking even better. I am passionate about developing future female talent with organisations who want to achieve greater gender diversity.


Sally Smithies - Director

I’ve sometimes been referred to as the Matriarch at Redsky, not only for being the most senior in years but also because I’ve been here since the beginning over 17 years ago.  It’s been an exciting, sometimes challenging journey and I’ve loved every minute working alongside a great team of people who are all equally and genuinely passionate about people development.

In my other life, I’m Mum to 4 amazing individuals whose company I can’t get enough of, and a lazy whippet called Lulu.  I’m a foodie and love cooking and entertaining just as much as eating out.  The rest of the time I’m an avid reader and music lover and visit as many art exhibitions as I can find time for!

I probably drink too much coffee and have promised myself I will rejoin Pilates soon!

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Penny Haggarty - Client Relationship Manager

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Leah Till - Learning Coordinator

A key part of my role at Redsky Learning, is working with the team to ensure a professional and seamless approach to the organisation and logistics of our learning programmes, in addition to making sure all learning materials are delivered to the Redsky standard. 

Being in the Learning and development industry allows me to excel as the people person I am naturally. I love the balance of creativeness mixed with organisation. Not only this, but I have a passion for consistently learning, developing myself and adopting new skills. 

My role of managing the programme feedback really plays a huge part in making the programmes better each time. One of my key strengths is process improvement, and I love to make change into a positive rather than a negative.


Our Associates

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Ali Archbold

I have worked in L&D for over 20 years across a variety of sectors including Telecommunications, Utilities, Finance, Retail and the Charity sectors to name a few.

I love to develop and coach leaders and teams to be the best version of themselves so they can inspire those around them to perform at their best and deliver meaningful results. I bring a curious approach to those I work with to really understand the core needs and provide the support needed to bring lasting personal and professional change to themselves and the organisations they work for.

I believe that within any team and organisation, people can’t get to where they’re going without each other.  My facilitation style encourages collaboration, courage and meaningful connection to provide a worthwhile learning experience.

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Jeff Weigh

I am an experienced Facilitator & Coach; I have worked with a number teams and individuals across many blue chip companies and organisations.

I have a strong background in psychology and qualifications in Trait, MBTI & NLP, I use these interventions innovatively and creatively when designing programmes for leadership and management development, leadership presentations and during one-to-one coaching.

My style of facilitating and coaching is inclusive, thought provoking and inquisitive. Incorporating an element of challenge, designed to encourage you to do some different things and take actions towards achieving your goals and objectives.

As well as delivering learning and development, I have wealth of experience when it comes to designing programmes, materials and learning interventions.

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Lesley Thomlinson

I am a resourceful and motivated learning and development consultant and coach with over 20 years of cross sector and cross functional experience in global blue-chip organisations and SMEs. I am passionate about personal development and have significant experience in all aspects of learning and development gained through strategic business partnering, programme design and facilitation at local, regional and global levels.

I am an experienced group facilitator who has trained, mentored and coached experienced senior leaders, managers at all stages of their management journey, and early career talent who are just starting out. I have worked with a huge range of clients in manufacturing, media, technology/utilities, logistics, estate agency, financial services and transport. I specialise in leadership and management development, aiming to engage and inspire those I work with. I consistently receive positive feedback from clients and delegates who appreciate my knowledge, pragmatism and support.

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