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According to a recent study, published in the journal of Human Relations, ‘women often hesitate to ask for help because they don’t want to “exploit” their network and they’re too modest’.

Building a network can be a successful pathway to promotion as it’s often about who you know.

From the programme, we learned that there was a real desire amongst the women on the Maximising Your Potential - Career Development Programme at Savills to spend more time networking however the actual time invested in reality has been limited.

The pandemic has made in real life connections more challenging however as we now emerge back into meeting in person, now is a great time to prioritise networking as part of any career development plan.

The challenge was how to get started?


In module 4, we focused on how to build a strong network. We looked at the importance and impact of building a strong network.

There are a number of ways to build a strong network, we looked at we can use projects to help build our network. LinkedIn is a great platform for building your network alongside other social media platforms.

We heard from Trevor Kearney, who has a highly successful instagram account @superprimesurrey. He shared top tips for the women on the programme on how to build up a network using Instagram.


We looked at how to map out your network as an exercise. We first of all looked at the immediate support network around you, these are people who energise you and support you no matter what. Then we looked at the next circle of connections; friends, colleagues and other work connections - these are people who you regularly interact with. Beyond that the next circle is linked to another layer of connections who you may know but not well or they work in positions of influence, so a good opportunity to build a relationship here. The final layer is built on unknown connections, we discussed possible gaps in your network, factoring in career goals and aspirations, who can help you get there?

Each individual created their own network map and noted actions on who they should connect with to help with their career aspirations.

We ran through some top tips for building an effective network, including be proactive, have a purpose and stay in touch.


100% of delegates felt that they gained skills to network more effectively following the programme.

The programme is designed to empower women to take ownership of their careers and build strong networks, with practical ways to take away and implement as part of their career development plans.

“[The programme has given me] the confidence to reach out to people who I haven’t met but who can help me”


The programme runs for approx 5 months and covers the following 4 modules:

  1. Playing to strengths
  2. Confident communication
  3. Creating your career journey
  4. Building strong networks

Plus 121 coaching

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