The Importance Of Self Awareness In Leadership

There are many important qualities that a good leader must have. The ability to listen, to inspire, and to create positive change in an organisation, for example. However, one of the most important qualities a leader can possess is self-awareness. But why is self-awareness important as a leader? We explore further why self-awareness importance should be recognised.

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What Is Self-Awareness In Leadership?

In leadership, self-awareness is defined as the ability to see how your own personality, habits, biases, traits and select skills impact how you interact in your working environment. Having a good level of self-awareness is key to being a good leader as it can help you to interact with people more positively, as you have taken the time to consider how you are perceived by and impact others. You are also quick to make positive changes so you can lead more successfully.

Self-Awareness and Decision Making

If you have self-awareness, you will be able to make better choices. Why? Because your decision making is less likely to be led solely by your own beliefs and point of view. By being aware of your own biases and beliefs, you can take a more measured view of situations, and feel more comfortable bringing others in on important decisions.

Self-Awareness and Success

As a side-effect of making better choices with a more balanced view, self-awareness can also have a significant impact on the finances of a company. Self-awareness in leadership means that you won’t make rash choices without understanding your own motivations. This can make you more reliable as a company, both for consumers and clients, and for your staff.

Self-Awareness and Understanding

If you are in a leadership role, it's worth taking time to stop and think about what you bring to your role. Having self-awareness makes this easier, so you can periodically check in and ensure that you are bringing your rich talents to the table, and stepping back to allow others to shine and contribute their own unique skills and experience.

Self-Awareness and Expectations

Having a team means that you cannot control every aspect of workflow. Being self-aware means that you won’t set unrealistic goals for your team, as you will be able to understand others, too. Being realistic in your expectations both for yourself and others creates a better working environment, and more success overall.

After taking some time to consider these points, you will be able to see how, in leadership, the importance of self-awareness is perhaps not recognised. If you want to learn how to be self-aware as a leader, and some other valuable skills, then get in touch with Red Sky Learning for more.

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